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Our Story

At Bestco Foods, we do our BEST to bring you fresh food while providing a fun and joyful shopping experience.

What runs in the family binds the family.

For the founders of Bestco Fresh Foods, it is the entrepreneurial spirit married with a passion for food that gets passed down from fathers to sons. The humble beginning of Bestco Fresh Foods started with a vision to give the world the binding power of food to bring people together as one.

The whole family of Bestco had a history of running grocery stores. Therefore, a grocery store for a modern world holding the various generations, families and cultures became the starting point of a new adventure.

A Place to Bring Together Families.

In 2009, the first Bestco Fresh Foods opened in Etobicoke. We hereby started our journey in the firm ground of Chinese culture by serving one of the oldest Chinese immigrant neighbourhoods. Bestco quickly established a reputation across different generations in the families with its good quality and diverse selection of raw and prepared foods that satisfy both a longing for comfort and a search for novelty.

Moving towards Mainstream.

In 2013, Bestco Fresh Foods successfully moved towards mainstream by expanding across GTA into Scarborough area, serving a diverse population of local Canadians.

A Canadian Embodiment of Multiculturalism.

Today, Bestco Fresh Foods embarks on a new adventure of becoming the embodiment of multiculturalism in Canada, with the new state-of-the-art grocery store unveiled outside of GTA in the Whitby-Ajax metro centre.

Our Value


Sourcing from local farms, Bestco’s goal is to bring the freshest produce to you table everyday. Providing you and our consumer with nutrition and nourishment to start your day.

Quality & Variety

At Bestco, we are well-experienced in food and grocery. We carefully vet and examine the products we sell to ease our consumers’ mind.
By bringing variety from both local farms and homeland, Best provides best quality products ranging from fresh produce to modern fun snack.


Bestco provides Fun & Joy shopping experience, we intend to build a place that accommodates to diverse lifestyles, a place where everyone in the family and all members of cultural groups can find the same joy in the foods they love.

What Our Customers Say

This would be one of the go-to Asian grocery store in the neighborhood.
Jennifer Li on Google
Prices are so fair, and food quality is always fresh!
Elizabeth Kim on Google
Fast and efficient service! Good selection at the right price! Very clean overall! Above industry average.
Sound Cube on Google